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When parents are planning to file a divorce, or they are no longer living together, they need to make important and smart decisions when it comes to the continued care for their child. This is where they need to decide where their children will reside, when and how they will spend time with each of you, and how important decisions for the children will be made.

If you and your ex-partner are no longer living in one roof, you may reach for a child custody agreement Saskatoon. And, our divorce custody lawyers Saskatoon can help you to decide.

Even your relationship already end, you and your former partner’s responsibilities will continue. The division of responsibilities after your separation will be set out in the custody and access agreement.


Custody refers to the responsibility and right to care for a child. Also, it includes making important decisions about the child’s life and child care daily. If the child custody agreement Saskatoon is made, both parents are considered as joint legal custodians with equal duties, rights, and powers.


Access is a legal term to describe the time a child will spend with the parent in the case that they do not live together. Primarily, it is intended to guarantee that the child has a continued relationship with the parent.

If you are a parent with access might not have the role of making decisions, but you have the right to receive information about the well-being, health, and education of your children. Typically, parents who do not have custody can have access to the children.


Under the sole custody, the child is required to live with one parent who is responsible for making decisions about the child’s life. Then, the other parent will usually have access to the child.


Under this type of custody, both parents will continue their involvement in making important decisions of the child’s life. The child can live with only one parent, or the child can live with both parents. One parent is responsible for regular control and care of the child while both parents will work together to make decisions about the child.


Split custody occurs if there is more than one child involved and some children are living with one parent while others are living with the other. Each parent has the responsibility of childcare, and the other has access.


Under the shared custody, the child is living with both parents with a similar amount of time. This type of custody is ideal if both parents are living in the same community.

Even during the divorce process or after, you always look forward to ensuring the rights of your child. So, it is crucial for you to have the professional divorce and custody lawyers Saskatoon.

Our proactive custody lawyers Saskatoon have valuable experience and skills to protect your child’s right. We make sure that you will end up with fair custody and access agreement.


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