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Child Support & Spousal Support


Child Support & Spousal Support

You will never know how long your relationship with your spouse will last. However, when your relationship ends, you are advised to know what will be your next steps to ensure child and spousal support agreement Saskatoon.

Even your relationship came to an end. Your life continues along with your responsibilities that your child is getting the perfect interests.

If you want to have valuable support for your child as well as to yourself, our child and spousal lawyer Saskatoon will help you from start to end of the process. We give you a careful case assessment and help acquire a better understanding of the child and spousal support law Saskatoon together with your rights and obligations.


A child has the legal right to receive a support from each of the parents. Then, a child support law provided a formula that calculates the appropriate way how both parents share the obligation.

The formula takes into following considerations:

  • How each time of the child will be divided between the parents
  • Gross income of each parent from all sources
  • Any personal expenses that lower the taxes of a parent, including retirement contributions, health insurance, and mortgage interest
  • Number of dependents and tax filing status of each parent
  • Other related factors on a case-by-case basis

Through the help of our experienced child and spousal support lawyer Saskatoon, you will be able to gather the necessary information and then, establish the child support order. Whether you are receiving or paying support, we can help you make the process of child support stress-free.

There are several ways on how you can get a child support order such as:

  • Through a divorce or marital dissolution proceeding
  • Through paternity or parentage proceeding between the unmarried parents
  • Through filing a petition for minor children support


Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a support obligation that one spouse may have to the other one after their marriage has ended.

Unlike the child support, it does not have a particular formula, and there will be no entitlement to the child support agreement Saskatoon. In a spousal support order Saskatoon, the lower-earning spouse is enabled to continue life after the marriage ends and later on, become self-supporting. A lower-earning spouse might have the right to continue his or her living near or at the marital standard of living.

To award a spousal support to one spouse, there several factors to consider, including:

  • The health and age of the parties
  • Both potential and current earning capacity of each party
  • One spouse’s and the other’s marital standard of living
  • The assets and obligations of each party including the separate property
  • The length of the marriage
  • If there is a history of domestic violence involved between the parties during their marriage

Our spousal support lawyer Saskatoon has significant experience at presenting legal reasons and facts to help you come up with the spousal support you deserve.

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