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  • Work with determined family law lawyers who get results.
  • Get help with your divorce or common-law separation.
  • Get help with your custody battle, access, and visitation issues.
  • Help with child support and spousal support payments.
  • Ensure marital assets are divided fairly during your divorce.
  • Lawyers with a business background for high net worth divorces.
  • Lawyers with complex farm divorce experience.
  • Responsive, caring lawyers who keep you in the loop.
  • Adoptions, elder care, guardianship arrangements, and other family law issues.
  • The full-service law firm handling real estate transactions, wills preparation, and estate administration.

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Dissolving your marriage? We’ll protect your rights by helping you tackle every major issue of your divorce. We’re happy to negotiate but we’re not afraid to fight it out in court. We keep your best interests front and center, and try to protect your pocketbook by advocating for fair settlements.

Child Support

Need to plan for a child’s long-term support? Have special needs or extraordinary expenses? While the base formula for child support is enshrined in law, it is possible to negotiate for more.

Access and Visitation

Get the time you deserve with your children. Get help working out a fair co-parenting arrangement, or get help enforcing an existing one. Your children need you, and we can help.

Spousal Support

Need spousal support? Make sure you get it. Ex is asking for more spousal support than you can pay? Let us develop some alternative solutions that preserve your pocketbook. Get expert advice from lawyers with years of experience navigating this issue.

Child Custody

Who gets custody of your children? Who will they spend most of their time living with? Who will make important legal, financial, educational, and religious decisions on their behalf? We’ll help you look out for your child’s best interests.


Stop divorce issues before they start. A well-crafted prenuptial agreement can help. Make sure you know what you’re signing and that you’re getting a fair deal by working with our experienced lawyers.

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