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You can turn to us when your marriage is falling apart. We’ll help you and educate you through every step of the process, and will provide you with advice, options, and solutions as you start trying to negotiate the major issues of your divorce.
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Child Custody

Nobody enters a custody battle lightly. If a parallel or joint custody arrangement is wrong for your family we can help you fight for sole custody, or defend you against an accusation of unfit parenting.
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Child Support

Want to make sure your child gets support beyond the age of 18? Have unusual educational or medical expenses? While child support is mandated by Canadian law, some expenses aren’t. Get the help you need today.
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Access and Visitation

Is your ex trying to keep you from seeing your child? The team at Family Lawyer of Saskatoon are access and visitation experts who can help you enforce visitation. We also help our clients draft workable co-parenting arrangements during the divorce process.
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Spousal Support

We help both people seeking spousal support payments and people who are in danger of having to pay more than they can afford. Spousal support is a stressful issue to tackle, but our lawyers have solutions.
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Common Law Separations

Common law relationships are treated just like marriages, which means there will be property to divide and issues to tackle when they fall apart. We help both with separation agreements and with cohabitation agreements.
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Prenuptial agreements protect you when your marriage ends, either by divorce or death. They are for everyone, not just for high net worth individuals. Get a lawyer who will help you ensure yours is fair, useful, and enforceable.
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Farm Divorces

Divorces threaten family farms. We can help you save yours. Our lawyers have specific experience with family farm divorce so they know what they are doing. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of divorce clients just like you. Let our decades of experience guide you to workable solutions.
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High Net Worth Divorces

Have a net worth of $1 million or more? Ask us about working with our renowned HNW divorce lawyers. Many of our lawyers have a background in commercial law and real estate, giving us the tools to serve you better.
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Other Family Law Matters

We also handle adoptions, elder care issues, and estate planning. If it’s a family law matter, we’re capable of taking care of it for you.

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