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Children custody is among the significant issues discussed in a family law issue. As a parent, you always want to give your children the most interests. And, family custody lawyers Saskatoon can help you come up with fair child custody agreement Saskatoon.

Our child custody services deal with the family court divorce process in Saskatoon which covers physical and legal custody of children between the parent, grandparents, as well as third parties. By having an experienced and professional custody lawyer in Saskatoon, you will be able to protect one’s right to visitation and custody.

Filing a Complaint

If you and your ex-partner decided to process a divorce, the custody of your child is the most important topic. Filing of a complaint is the first step for a custody action. This can be done as a complaint in divorce or complaint about custody where there will be count for custody.


It is advised that you have experienced child custody lawyer Saskatoon that will represent you in a custody action. Then, once the custody modification or custody is filed, both parties are required to attend the Child Education Class.


When it comes to child custody law, you need to be familiar with different child custody services such as shared custody, sole custody, primary custody, and joint custody. But, our divorce custody lawyers can help you to obtain a better understanding of both terminologies and implications of each custody form.

An experienced and professional child custody lawyer Saskatoon can efficiently help you with the process to achieve custody agreement. Then, you need to deal with the primary issues to be resolved, including:

  • Control of the children’s time
  • Legal decision-making for the children
  • Whose residence will determine the children’s school

Child custody agreement Saskatoon will legally determine and bind exactly which responsibilities each parent should have. With the help of our custody lawyer Saskatoon, child support for mothers or child custody rights for fathers can be reserved. This is because it is required to determine who will be responsible for creating legal decisions for your children and where your children will physically reside.


If you bring the child custody issue before a judge, our reputed child custody lawyers near Saskatoon know precisely how they present your case with great understanding and skills. They will show confidence even with the most complex procedures since they are prepared and organized to use evidence to support all your arguments.


Our experienced custody lawyer will negotiate effectively to ensure that your ex-partner will pay a sufficient amount. Without legal help, you might not know the proper way to tackle the issues for child issues, and you might end up with the inequitable amount.

Through our legal help with regards to child support case, we will try to negotiate for your rights and most importantly, the legal care of your child. We will fight your case and protect the right you deserve.

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