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Family Law


Family Law

Family law is considered to be a complicated matter, especially when custody, property, and support are involved. So, a legal help from the experienced family law lawyer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is always strongly recommended.

If you live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and you have family law issues, McKercher LLP can provide you the reputed family lawyers in Saskatoon!

Better Understanding of Rights and Obligations

Through the help of our experienced family law lawyers, you will be able to have a better understanding of your rights as well as legal options. One of our goals is to help our clients using our skill in the family law field and low-cost initial consultations.

McKercher LLP as the experienced family law firm in Saskatoon, we deal with a vast range of family law topics, including grounds for divorce, spousal support, separation agreement, parenting plans, child support guidelines, and legal ways to define and divide family property. We want you to be aware of your rights and obligations, the steps you need to take and how courts make decisions.

Collaborative Approach

Separating or divorcing couples have the freedom to choose in taking a collaborative approach so that they can reach an agreed solution to all the surrounding issues regarding the breakdown of their relationship.

During the process, you can rely on our collaborative lawyer who is well-trained to perform fair negotiation and reasonable settlement. We rest assured that that process will be client-controlled and our experienced family lawyer in Saskatoon will represent your party while guiding you towards settling. Then, when both parties have already reached an agreement, our lawyer will help you to get any necessary court orders.

Less Costly and Less Time-Consuming

We are highly committed to making all the family law cases we handle to be successful. With the collaborative law process, you can settle in a non-adversarial way. Meaning, you and your ex-partner will cooperate while you can receive legal advice from our family law center Saskatoon throughout the process. Since we will help you to work with your ex-partner to address your unique situation, you can expect that the process will be less costly and less time-consuming.


Here at McKercher LLP, our experienced family lawyers in Saskatoon will work with your professional to resolve all your family law’s sensitive issues. Our lawyers are competent in the law and acquired skills to practice law.

When you hire our reputed family lawyers Saskatoon, you can expect that:

  • We will keep you reasonably updated and informed.
  • We will immediately respond to your telephone calls.
  • We will never withhold any information or mislead you to avoid mistakes and negligence.
  • We will respond to your inquiries or concerns within a reasonable time.
  • We will inform you about the proposed settlements and then, explain them properly.
  • We will make prompt reports once the work is finished.

When you think of a family law cases, you might expect for a long-term and complicated process. But with the help of our family law lawyers Saskatoon, everything will be under control.


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