Saskatoon, SK Child Support Lawyer


Saskatoon, SK Child Support Lawyer

Federal law protects every child’s right to receive support from both parents. A base amount is guaranteed by Federal Child Support Guidelines. Yet there are some issues that can arise as parents try to negotiate the amount of support either party will pay.

Our child support lawyers know how issues like custody structure and special expenses can impact child support payments. We can help you navigate the complex issues that can arise when parents try to provide for their children’s needs.

How is child support calculated in Saskatoon?

For many parents, calculating child support will be simple and straightforward. If the parent with access spends less than 40% of their time with that child then they will pay child support to the parent the child lives with.

If there is a parallel parenting arrangement then the higher earning parent will subtract what the lower earning parent would have paid in child support from the amount they would normally pay, and then pays the other parent the difference. If a parent’s income or circumstances change, then there are options for petitioning the court to modify support orders.

You can click here to see the tables: Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Parents may negotiate higher child support payments to cover extraordinary expenses like private school, medical care, or other issues. If both parents don’t agree to this it is possible to petition the court for additional support. Your lawyer will have to make a strong case as to why the additional support is necessary.

How long is child support paid in Saskatoon?

Most parents will pay child support until the child turns 18. Some special needs children might need their parents to stay involved with support longer. Parents can always agree to child support longer during the course of their divorce negotiations, as well.

Once you have a divorce decree you are bound by the time period set out in that decree. The child may never lose support before the child turns 18.

Is child support mandatory in Saskatoon?

Yes. Child support is the child’s federally mandated right. Judges will not approve divorce decrees that do not make provisions for child support, and they will not approve arrangements where parents pay less than the amounts set forth in federal guidelines, even if both parents say they agree to the arrangement.

Your lawyer can make sure child support is handled appropriately in your divorce settlement.

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