Saskatoon, SK Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal Support

Saskatoon, SK Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal support is one of the most difficult issues for many divorcing couples. The idea of not receiving enough or being asked to pay too much can trigger a lot of fear, anxiety, and anger.

In truth, spousal support is a negotiable, and there are lots of ways to handle the situation. The team at Family Lawyer of Saskatoon can help you develop an agreement that everyone can live with.

 How is spousal support calculated?

There are federal formulas but they are only guidelines. Unlike child support, spousal support is not mandated. However, there are circumstances where a spouse may be legally entitled to support.

The guidelines are complex enough that most lawyers usually use some sort of software to come up with a number. That number is usually the starting point for negotiations.

How long do I have to pay spousal support?

Again, the length of time is negotiable, though if the court orders support they will generally order ½ to 1 year of support for every year of marriage. Saskatoon courts rarely order lifelong spousal support, and the goal of the support is always to give the lower-earning spouse time to get self-sufficient.
In your specific case, it will depend on what gets enshrined in the divorce decree.

Does adultery impact spousal support?

Adultery has no impact on spousal support. Attempting to prove your spouse wronged you to pay less support or to receive more is usually a waste of time. The only thing that adultery impacts is how soon you can get a divorce. Sometimes you can use it to get an immediate one, instead of waiting to be separated for a year.

It’s better to treat spousal support like a business arrangement and to keep your emotions out of it. A divorce negotiation is a bad time to try to get revenge.

How do I get out of paying spousal support?

If you’re already paying support then in general you’ll pay it for as long as your divorce decree says, unless circumstances have changed.

It is possible to get a modification of support order if your spouse’s income has changed, or if yours has. If your spouse has remarried or has moved in with someone else, there may also be grounds to modify your support order.

Speak to your Saskatoon spousal support lawyer to find out if you’ve got a good chance at ending your support order early.

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