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What’s the Divorce Rate in Canada? [2023]

What's the Divorce Rate in Canada? [2022]

Divorce is one of the scariest terms for the married couples. After all, everyone gets married with the dream of staying together for the rest of their lives until death separates them.

However, the tragic part is you never know what life has for us in the future. And the most strongest couple in your eyes can end up getting separated after being happily married for several years.

So, it eventually rounds up to the question, what’s the divorce rate in Canada? Is it decreasing or getting increased?

Well, to your astonishment, nearly half of the Canadian marriages end up in divorce, with Canada having a divorce rate of 2.1 (number of divorces per 1000 population), as shown in recent statistics.

Keep on reading to know more in detail!

What’s the Divorce Rate in Canada?

As like every other country, the divorce rate in Canada is no less, and the rate is almost 38%. Compared to the percentage, they hold the 29th highest divorce rate position in the world.

And despite of having such a high divorce rate, only 8% of the Canadians get prenups. However, the rate of couples aged 50 years and more tends to have a lower rate in comparison to young couples.

Take a look at the below divorce statistics of Canadian marriages ending up in divorce:

  • 40% to 50% of the first marriage is estimated to end up in divorce.
  • 60% of second marriages are most likely to get divorced.
  • 73% of the third marriages end up getting separated.
  • Couples aging 50 and more have a divorce rate of 26%.
  • Any kind of violence or abuse accounts for 34%.
  • Extramarital affairs leading to divorce have a rate of 27%.

Note: This is just a general estimation and a glimpse of the current conditions prevalent in Canada.

So, What Causes These Divorces in Canada?

Every year we see an uprise in the divorce rate in Canada. As a result, it is the question of many what is the reasons for happening so many divorces all year round.

Although it is not possible to predict the exact cause, as every couple is different from one another. However, there are some common prevalent reasons following why couples tend to take such a drastic step.

Let’s know about them:


It is certainly the leading reason behind a couple getting divorced. In fact, almost all the statistics show that a lack of meeting the basic needs leads to a huge conflict between the couples. And if this small thing is not solved within time, then ultimately, it will get bigger resulting in separation.

And even if there is no lack of money, but there exists a huge gap in the earnings of the spouse, this income imbalance will be enough to create a rift between them. This, in return, gets intensified with time, making things tougher for the couples to repair it later on.

As a result, when this conflict gets on the nerves, the couples finally decide to get separated when they think they cannot say happy together anymore.

Having trouble believing it? Well, check the below statistics:

In a research, it is found that almost 68% of Canadians firmly believe that financial crisis or conflict over money is the number one leading reason for couples ending up in divorce.


Extramarital affairs – after money, it is certainly the next common reason for couples to get divorced. This is one of the most heartbreaking scenarios that one couple can find themselves in.

Tragically, nowadays, doing cheating is considered normal by several people. All credit goes to the technology that makes the replacement so simpler and easier. In fact, there are several apps using which you can pick and go on a date with any random person as you like.

It is definitely one of the terrible things you can do to anyone, let alone your better half, who trusts you with all their heart. Hence, if you don’t want to stay with anyone, then rather than resorting to cheating, it is better to say it upfront. This way, it will be less painful for the other person.

Never-ending fights

No matter how much you love a person, if both of you quarrel with each other over petty matters, then consider it as a red signal of your bond.

Because these small fights leads on to become bigger with time, ultimately making the relationship bitter and growing hatred in each other mind unintentionally. Though started off with a small thing, but with some arguments, it will not take any time for the situation to get heated up.

If this fight gets solved, then it is totally fine. The problem occurs when it doesn’t get resolved. Instead, another dispute arises before the previous one is even solved.

As a result, when both of them get fed up after trying, they eventually decide to get divorced. Another huge sign that a couple is on the verge of ending their relationship is when they no longer look at the eyes of each other while talking.

When this happens, it will mean there is no other way to fix their relationship unless they both want to begin things in a new way.


By this term it is referred to both physical and emotional relationships. For instance, if a couple lives in the same room but feels like they are living with their roommates, then it is surely a serious matter.

After all, a spouse is considered to be the most closest person to our heart. Although there may come several changes in your physical life yet, it shouldn’t affect your emotional life in any way.

As there are many couples out there who, despite of having the best physical life, still live with each other happily due to the love and emotional connection they feel for each other.

And for any marriage, the ultimate aim is to make the other person feel special and loved along with feeling the same way by yourself. Hence, if you don’t feel any kind of intimate connection toward each other, then it will eventually mean that your relationship is in danger.

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Abusive relationship

Be it verbal or physical – this is another most dreadful thing one can do to their better half. After all, abuse is abuse, and no logic in this world can justify it.

Furthermore, it is also deemed as a crime by law and can land you up to several punishments along with fines and imprisonment based on your wrongdoings. Hence, another most prevalent reason for the spouses getting separated is due to the other person’s abusive behavior towards them.

Drug addiction

A drug addict is a person who can pose as a danger to a person at any moment. After all, they don’t remain in their proper senses. In other words, they don’t have any control over their body and mind. How could they? They always remain under the influence of the drugs.

Besides, to such a person, nothing holds any more importance than taking drugs over time. As a result, when it comes to taking care of their family, most of them even don’t know what their responsibility is, let alone fulfilling them.

Hence, who would like to stay with such a person who acts and behaves this way? No one, right! So, in the end, they end up losing their partner to addiction.

Early pregnancy

Many people get pregnant at a very young age, even before understanding what marriage is. Besides, it takes a lot of mental preparation to take care of the child.

A child comes with tons of responsibilities and sacrifices. Everyone can become a parent by giving birth to their child, but they will become parents in the true sense by carrying on their duties and responsibilities.

Just by giving birth, your duty isn’t over. Instead, a whole new adventure and journey await for you where you need to deal with things by keeping calm.

As a result, many people, merely by saying that they were not ready for such a big responsibility or the baby has taken away all their life enjoyment and happiness, they try to run away. They tend to forget that this is one the best things that can ever happen to anyone and is undoubtedly a life’s blessing.

Falling out of love

In many relationships, it is found that couples who were in dearly love with each other don’t feel any sort of connection like before. Hence, ultimately when they don’t find that attraction or mental peace and happiness like before, they eventually end up their marriage.

This can happen to any couple at any moment in their life. No wonder we see several famous names who were once considered an ideal couples end up getting divorced even though they were in so love with each other previously.

This situation mostly happens between the couples who are in a rush to get married while they are in their infatuation phase. While in other cases, it could simply mean that the other person has changed all their preferences with time along with who they used to love.

Lack of compatibility

Even if a couple loves each other, but there is a huge compatibility difference in between them, then chances are high they will end up getting divorced in the long run. It is found in a statistics and doesn’t mean it will happen to you too; as always, an exception is not an example.

However, many couples who cannot share and enjoy their time together in doing in any of the activities mostly go through a separation. Because if you don’t like sharing each other common interests or don’t value them, then certainly things will not work out, and with time, it will just get worse.

To Conclude

Hopefully, you have no more queries regarding what’s the divorce rate in Canada anymore!

A relationship is always about compromise and isn’t perfect. It is both you and your spouse who have to make things work out among each other and thus turn it into a perfect one.

However, if there is no other way out of fixing the relationship, then, undoubtedly, for the betterment of the future, you have to resort to the last step – divorce. In case of any queries or problems related to divorce, make sure to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer. They will make the complicated journey much smoother with their expertise.

Frequently Asked Question

Check out the below most asked queries about the divorce rates in Canada 2023:

What is the average duration of marriages in Canada?

While the divorce rate is increasing at a great pace, at the same time, the duration is decreasing day by day. In fact, to your surprise, nowadays, the average duration of marriages in Canada is considered to be 14 years, with 42% of marriages lasting in between 10 to 20 years.

What percentage of married couples eventually get divorced in Canada?

Based on the statistical estimation, it is predicted that around 40% of marriages in Canada tends to get divorced as of 2020.

What is the main reason for the increasing divorce rates in Canada in 2023?

As every couple is different from each other, similarly, the reason for parting their ways is also different. However, there are some prevalent reasons owing to which most couples are likely to get a divorce. Such as money, infidelity and violence are considered to be the top three reasons for the uprising divorce rates as of in Canada in 2023.