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During a child custody battle, judges have one goal: creating arrangements that serve the best interests of the child. Convincing a judge that your proposed solution for custody arrangements is the right one is never easy and you may contact for the help of a child custody lawyer in Saskatoon.

It’s also scary, if your ex is suing for full custody, or if you’re trying to get your child away from the clutches of an abusive ex. If you have custody concerns, we’ve got answers. Our experienced child custody or support lawyers have navigated dozens of cases just like yours, and we can help you, too.

How do I Get Sole Custody in Saskatoon?

 Sole custody arrangements are rare. The courts believe the child has a right to time with both their parents, as a rule. Thus, both parents usually get joint legal custody.

This means both have a right to make major decisions for the child, including decisions about education, religion, and medical care. Each parent will also have the right to make day-to-day decisions for the child when in their care.

In a parallel parenting arrangement, each parent will have 182.5 days with the child, or as close to it as possible. In a joint custody arrangement, one parent will be the primary residential parent, and the other parent will have access. Either way, they still have joint custody.

Sole custody would mean that only one parent retains legal custody. The other parent gets access and nothing more. Saskatoon judges generally favor this arrangement only when the other parent is demonstrably unfit.

What is an Unfit Parent in Saskatoon?

 A judge considers many factors when deciding whether a parent is unfit. The most common and obvious instances are when a parent has an untreated mental illness an active alcohol problem, or an active drug problem. A history of domestic violence can also render a parent unfit.

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The judge may consider other issues, however such as whether the parent is neglectful, fails to meet the child’s social or emotional needs, or fails to set age-appropriate limits.

Finally, the judge may consider who the parent lives with. If there are other adults in the home their behavior and involvement will be scrutinized to ensure the child isn’t in any danger.

Can my Child Decide Which Parent They Want to Live with?

The idea that the child can just choose which parent to live with is one of the most pervasive myths of child custody cases. In reality, a child’s preference is one of many factors the judge will use to make a decision, even if the child is nearly an adult themselves.

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Thus, the child’s preference is not a “slam dunk” that wins a custody case or lose. Your child custody lawyer in Saskatoon will still need to go in with a solid strategy.

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