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There are many issues to tackle when you dissolve a marriage. What happens next will determine the shape of your finances for years to come. It will have an impact on your relationship and time with your children.

You don’t want to get divorced alone. Turn to the dedicated divorce lawyers at family lawyer of Saskatoon. Our empathetic, resourceful, and responsive lawyers can help you negotiate a divorce settlement you can live with.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is one where you and your spouse agree to the initially proposed terms of the divorce. Often, agreeing to these terms can be a mistake if you are the served spouse. You might be tempted, just to “get it over with,” but you might also walk away from assets, spousal support payments, or other concessions you could have had.

It is at least a decision to make with a lawyer’s help and you may need and find a farm divorce lawyer.

Few divorces are truly uncontested. Most involve at least a little bit of back and forth or negotiation before the dust settles.

The idea that an uncontested divorce is one where both parties agree to the divorce is a myth. You do not need your spouse’s permission to get a divorce in Saskatoon. You only have to serve them properly. They have 30 days to respond when you do.

How do I File for Divorce in Saskatoon?

First, you need to be eligible for divorce in the first place. In Saskatoon, this means that you’ve lived separately and apart for one year. You can press for an immediate divorce only if you can prove cruelty or adultery.

Even an immediate adultery divorce can be a little complicated, as you must prove you did not condone, forgive, ignore, or support the adultery in any way. Most people find it simpler to just wait for the year to pass.

Once the year has passed, you may file an application for divorce with the Court of Queen’s Bench. In it you will put the initial proposed term for the divorce settlement. If your spouse fails to answer you get a default judgment of divorce and those terms become the new divorce decree. Usually, your spouse will answer and a period of negotiations will begin wherein you try to put together a settlement both parties can live with.

If negotiations break down, the divorce enters the litigation phase, where a judge makes decisions on any issues the couple can’t agree on.

How do I Prepare for a Divorce in Saskatoon?

We suggest gathering all the information about your assets into one big folder and bringing that folder to us. Make sure you get absolutely everything you know about: bank statements, check stubs, real property records, investment account records, retirement account records, insurance policies, and anything else you can think of. This lets us begin tacking the property division and spousal support issues, which are usually the most contentious.

We also recommend bringing your child’s medical and school records, as these can become evidence in any potential custody battles.

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