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Donald I.M. Outerbridge

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Donald I.M. Outerbridge

Bio: Donald I.M. Outerbridge is the Executive Director of Merchant Law Group LLP and has been for the last thirty years approximately, commencing in 1993; and has been managing or involved in law firm management at various levels a lot longer going back to 1981 across multiple provinces in Canada. He achieved a B.A. as the University of Western Ontario (1981) and a B.Comm. degree from the University of Windsor in 1983. Donald is Past President, Association of Legal Administrators, Winnipeg Chapter (1991) and has been Guest Lecturer, Red River Community College, Legal Assistant Program’s, “Law Office Management” subsection, Winnipeg, MB (1989-1992). Mr. Outerbridge has been a mentor to many young lawyers over the years, a colleague and a friend. He is also an avid Notre Dame Fighting Irish college football and Green Bay Packers pro football fanatic.

Phone Number: (604) 609-7777

Address: 304 - 15127 100th Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Posts by donald:

When does Child Support End in Canada?

When does Child Support End

Posted on: 05 Oct 2020

Children are the future of our nation. Because they will grow up to contribute to the country’s total productivity when we look towards the end of the road. That is why child support is important for a healthy future. However, do you know when does child support ends in Canada? If you do not know…

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What Happens after a Separation Agreement is Signed?

What Happens After A Separation Agreement Is Signed

Posted on: 05 Sep 2020

Divorce makes a lot of problems before and after the separation. Both partners’ claims and decisions might be different, which creates a mess. If a separation agreement is signed, the entire thing might be quite easy for both parties. Legal bindings are also there, which make the refusal of the agreement quite impossible. So let’s…

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Most Common Examples of Parental Alienation in Canada

Parental Alienation in Canada

Posted on: 25 Aug 2020

Parental divorce and then alienation have now become very common in this present world. It changes a child’s life drastically. Both parents are equally important for a child’s sound growth. But alienation often makes the child’s life fall into a great psychological threat. For better understanding lets see some common examples of parental alienation and…

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How are Bank Accounts Split in a Divorce? – Here’s Your Answer!

How are Bank Accounts Split in a Divorce

Posted on: 25 Jul 2020

If you are confused about how bank accounts split in a divorce? then you are in the right place. Because this article contains everything, you need to know regarding this topic. Ending a marriage may take its toll on your emotions, your finances, and your time. There are a lot of considerations and actions to…

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How a Mother Can Lose Custody Battle? 7 Most Common Reasons

How a Mother Can Lose Custody Battle

Posted on: 05 Jul 2020

You may have already gone to court and established custody agreements for your child, yet, you might lose custody in some situations. If you are a mother and surely want to win a custody battle, you must know about the circumstances. Losing custody of a child usually means loss of joint or physical custody. In…

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Who to Contact to Become a Paid Informant?

Who to Contact to Become a Paid Informant

Posted on: 25 Jun 2020

Informant job in the police department or any other companies is very important as they help the inner circle to move based on their secret tips. An informant job is pretty high paid (according to a study, it is a minimum of $10,000 in every fiscal year) and extremely dangerous. In this sector, you work…

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How Long after Shoplifting Can You Get Caught in Canada?

How Long after Shoplifting Can You Get Caught in Canada?

Posted on: 05 Jun 2020

No matter what, we are here to help you out in your time of danger. But first, we must clear, no crime is accepted even if it is a small one. According to a study, more than 50,000 people get caught for shoplifting in Canada. In the Criminal Code of Canada in Section 334(b), if…

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How the Uniform Child Custody Works

How the Uniform Child Custody Works

Posted on: 25 May 2020

Legal custody is the right with a parent who has to make appropriate decisions. He or she has to help care for the welfare of the child, medical way, student, social and other circumstances that need care. When two parents live in the same state, the custody proceeding is more straightforward. But it gets complicated…

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All You Need to Know about a Marriage Contract


Posted on: 05 May 2020

A marriage contract is basically a legal agreement of a marriage that is signed by the spouses and compulsorily a written document. A lot of information about both spouses is included in the marriage contract. It is a vital document for marriage and helps in many ways in some essential marital matters. If you have…

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