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Categories of Family Law Documents

Categories of Family Law Documents

Whether you are planning to process a divorce or child custody order, it is recommended to know and understand the different family law documents. This way, you will be able to easily and correctly fill out the necessary form making the process quick.

Categories of Family Law Documents You Need to Know

The sad truth is no one can predict how long you are going to stay in a relationship and marriage. Thus, ending a marriage may also bring some family disputes.

Family disputes can cause trauma to the child, and it can make the process of getting child custody, spousal support, and other legal rights too long. So, this is why you need legal help from reputable family law lawyers in Saskatoon.

Our reputed family lawyers in Saskatoon will not just help you with your divorce, spousal support, child support guidelines, parenting plans, separation agreement, and other legal ways to define and divide family properties.

Now, it is time for you to discover the different family law documents that you may encounter in processing a particular family law issue.

  • Petition for Custody (Paternity and Legal Decision-Making, Child Support, Parenting Time, and Vital Records
  • Response to Custody (Paternity and Legal Decision-Making, Child Support, Parenting Time, and Vital Records
  • Judgment and Order for Custody (Paternity and Legal Decision-Making, Child Support, Parenting Time, and Vital Records
  • Order for Custody (Legal Decision-Making), Child Support, and Parenting Time
  • Petition to Establish Child Support
  • Request for Hearing and Notice of Hearing
  • Request to Modify Child Pursuant to Guidelines
  • Petition to Terminate (Stop) Income Withholding Order (Order of Assignment)
  • Notices to Obligor and Employer
  • Income Withholding Order for Support Revised 2018

Family law forms were created by courts and different legal aid organizations to help people in court cases. Be aware that these forms may not explain the governing law as well as not provide all the necessary information for the court in reaching a decision.

After determining the legal forms, you will need a family law issue. The following tips can help you when filling out and preparing the forms.

  • Make sure to get the most current version of the form.
  • See to it that the form you need is printed on only one side of the paper because the court will only accept a single-sided copy. Thus, double-sided copied might result in potential copying mistakes.
  • Read and comprehend the entire form along with any instructions before starting to fill out the form. In return, you can have a better idea about the form’s purpose and learn the information you need to provide.
  • Make sure that the completed forms are clear and easy to clean. Using only black ink is necessary. But, there are already forms available online, and you can fill them out online.
  • Always use a legal name, current contact number and address, and valid email address.


Family Law issues can be confusing without legal help from a Family lawyer of Saskatoon. Through our reputed family law lawyer in Saskatoon, you will be able to understand the process and your rights and obligations. Thus, they can guide you in filling out and preparing necessary family law documents.