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How to Get Married and Marriage License?

How to Get Married and Marriage License?

In Saskatchewan, getting married and married a license is an easy yet confusing task. You have to fulfill specific requirements for purchasing a marriage license, the validity of which is only 90 days.

People often get confused about when and how to buy a marriage license and what the requirements are.

This article offers you a complete guideline on how to get married and a marriage license in Saskatchewan. Read on to learn.

Major Things for Getting Married and Marriage License in Saskatchewan

Getting married in Saskatchewan and purchasing a marriage license demand many things to be noticed.

Here goes a brief discussion on some major things you have to deal with for marriage and marriage license in Saskatchewan.


Identification is one of the most important criteria for your marriage and marriage license in Saskatchewan and other states.

Whenever you attempt to take any legal steps, you have to clear your identity first, and marriage can be considered a legal step since it needs governmental permission.

For identification, you must submit two copies of your ID issued by the state government. At least one of those two ID copies must carry your photo.

Moreover, your birth certificate, driving license, prior marriage and divorce certificate (if any) also serve the purpose of clarifying your identification.

Statutory Declaration

It includes some necessary questions presented on the back page of the marriage license. When applying for a marriage license, you and your would-be spouse must go through these questions, answer these questions and finally sign it up so that you can get spousal support in the future.

The license issuer must have to be present there. Before signing the declaration paper, make sure that you both have understood all the questions properly and fully agree.

Degree of Consanguinity

The degree of consanguinity clarifies the relationship between you and your prospective spouse. That means to whom you can marry and whom you can not.

Generally, the degree of consanguinity specifies that you can not marry your father/ mother, grandfather/grandmother, granddaughter/grandson, son/daughter and brother/sister.

You can never have a martial relationship with these mentioned relations, whether they are connected to you by blood or by adaption.

You will find this degree of consanguinity in the statutory declaration paper. Please read it carefully to understand better.

Getting Married Outside of Saskatchewan

Yes, it is possible to get married outside of Saskatchewan. In that case, you have to contact that country or province where you want to get married.

You have to gather information from them about what documents you need to submit for getting married there.

Same-Sex Marriage in Saskatchewan

Unlike other states, same-sex marriage has got permission in Saskatchewan. There are no legal boundaries for same-sex marriage in Saskatchewan.

How to Get a Marriage License in Saskatchewan

Preparing for the marriage ceremony must include your plan to purchase a marriage license in Saskatchewan.

In order to get a Saskatchewan marriage license, you have to do some specific things. Such as,

Gathering Documents

Getting a marriage license means you have to submit all your necessary documents to the relevant authority.

The documents you need include both of your birth certificates, government-issued IDs, your photos, driving license, proof of your immigration or permanent residence.

If you got married before, your marriage certificates and divorce or separation papers, if you are under 18 for marriage, a consent paper signed by your parents, and so on.

When you intend to buy your marriage license, be sure you have properly gathered all these necessary documents.

Finding a Near License Issuer

Now you have to find a marriage license issuer near you. You need to go to his house or office with all the necessary documents. Do not forget to take the fees of that issuer.

Most probably, the fee is around 60 bucks. When you show your documents to the issuer, he will give you a statutory declaration paper for signing up.

The declaration paper demands your consent whether you are happy to be involved in this marriage or not.

Once you sign up for this declaration paper, you have surely got your marriage license. Congrats!

Giving License to the Officiant

You can give your marriage license to your officiant, who acts as a marriage commissioner or a religious delegate.

He will check out and make sure that your marriage license is adequately documented, signed and issued—nothing else. Later on, with this license, you can submit vital statistics.


So, now you know how to get a marriage license and get married in Saskatchewan, right? We have presented all the relevant details and answers to frequently asked questions about this article. Hopefully, this information will help you out a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Get a Marriage License in Saskatchewan?

In general, “15 minutes”. If you submit all your necessary documents correctly, it will take just 15 minutes to prepare your marriage license. But in case any document is missing or confusing, it might take a bit long time to issue your license.

Do You Need a Blood Test for Getting Married in Saskatchewan?

“NO. ” You do not need to go through any blood testing or any other testing process to get married in Saskatchewan.

Can You Get your Marriage License and Get Married the Same Day in Saskatchewan?

Not. You can not manage to get your marriage license and get married the same day in Saskatchewan. You have to arrange your marriage license at least one day before your marriage ceremony.

Do We Both Have to Be Present to Get a Marriage License?

It’s better. If you both are not present while issuing your marriage license, an additional paper is needed to be prepared for the absentee. It will take more time and cost even. So, it is better to be present both in that moment.

How Do I Contact Saskatchewan Marriage Unit?

You can contact the Saskatchewan marriage unit either via email or via phone. Their phone number is 1- 306- 787- 3869 and email: