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Top Reasons and Grounds for Divorce in Canada

Reasons for divorce in canada

A beautiful relationship like marriage may come to an end through divorce. Moreover, the rate of filing for divorce in Canada is increasing day by day. The spouses become bound to do that, to get rid of both the physical and mental torture from their partners.

So, if you are interested in knowing all the possible reasons for divorce in Canada, take a moment and read the entire article. It might also be possible that one of the causes of divorce gets a match with your issue.

7 Reasons for Divorce in Canada

There might be many reasons behind getting a divorce as it differs from case to case. But in Canada, it has been seen that due to 7 reasons, the divorce rate is frequently increasing. These are:

  1. Lack of appreciation
  2. Different goals of life
  3. Finances
  4. Miscommunication
  5. Selfishness
  6. Lack of intercourse
  7. Neglect

We have briefly discussed all the seven reasons that might be the causes of divorce in Canada.

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1. Lack of Appreciation

Every partner in a relationship wants the other partner to appreciate him/her in every work and decision. Because through this, they will get the inspiration to do better, increasing their self-esteem. But as the whole world is in a competition, there is even no time to appreciate others.

However, the other partner might think that he/she is not given enough time, and they will try to move on to get proper gratitude from others. And this situation will force them to file for a divorce.

2. Different Goals of Life

Naturally, every person has a goal in their life. But sometimes, after the marriage, when it is seen that their goal is entirely different, they become busy in their own life. They also start to think that his/her partner is trying to divert them from the goal.

So, to fulfill their goal, they only see one solution in front of them, which is getting a divorce.

3. Finances

Money is also a significant issue for which couples are getting a divorce. Most partners have different bank accounts, and they do not even want to share their expenses. As a result, it becomes difficult for a single partner to meet all the family requirements. Many also become frustrated and looks for a way to get separated.

4. Miscommunication

Trust is an important feeling to have in a relationship. When there come trust issues, miscommunication creates between them. They do not also give a chance to clarify. Moreover, they decide among themselves that it is impossible to live together.

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5. Selfishness

Such an issue is mostly seen if both the partners are self-employed. One of the partners might not want the others to be successful due to selfishness. Of course, everyone wants to give priority to their career and goal. But when they know that the leading binding behind this is his/her life partner, they will not think a second time to postpone the divorce filing.

6. Lack of Intercourse

One of the main reasons to get married is to enjoy legal sex. But if such a problem creates like there is lack of intercourse among a couple, they unintentionally go apart from each other. Therefore, love and affection also start to decrease among them. And to get rid of this problem, the couples choose the way of getting a divorce.

7. Neglect

Often it is seen that the interest in a relationship dies after a few months or years of marriage. One or both the partners start to spend time with their friends and colleagues other than each other. They do not even know each other properly for not spending some quality time together.

At the end of the day, they both think that the other person is neglecting him or her. So, to find the solution, they meet a divorce lawyer.

Grounds for Divorce in Canada

Grounds for Divorce in Canada

There are generally three grounds for divorce in Canada. These are:

  1. Adultery.
  2. Cruelty.
  3. Living separately for one year.

All of these falls under the Canadian “Divorce Act”. To know more about divorced statistics in Canada, you may check here.

Therefore, it is applicable for all territories and provinces. You will just have to prove one of these three reasons to apply for a legal divorce. But they are expensive and often challenging to verify. So, it is seen that most divorces happen due to one year of separation.

1. Adultery

Adultery means having an extramarital affair without the concern of the other partner. So, one spouse can file a divorce case using adultery reasons after knowing about this matter of cheating. But the “cheater spouse” may admit himself as an innocent. In this case, the “victim spouse” needs to get all that proof to show it in court.

The reason why it is not often confessed is the disloyal person needs to give written documentation of having sex other than the marriage. Next, the documentation is filed in the courts and stays in the public territory in the form of a signed affidavit as proof of admitting wrongdoing.

There are also some other factors in this ground as a partner can never forgive this adultery act. Many ups and downs may come before the final judgment of divorce, as this situation would be full of emotion. Moreover, adultery cannot be used as a ground for joint divorce.

The spouse suffering from anxiety and depression due to his/her partner’s adultery can apply for an individual divorce. As a result of this one-sided approach, the divorce procedure becomes quite complicated and full of expenses.

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2. Cruelty

Cruelty can be both physical and mental. So, it is obvious that it becomes quite impossible to live with such a life partner after tolerating abusive manners now and then. One spouse must submit adequate evidence to prove this brutality in court.

But in many cases, it is seen that only if the matter gets involve with the police or hospital, it becomes easy to prove the cruelty of the other partner. Therefore, if you are the one going through distress, apply for divorce using this ground. And the procedure for this type of divorce is costly and stressful as it always needs to settle down in court.

3. Living Separately for a Year

If a couple lives separately for a year, then they can apply for a divorce on this ground. So, the couples need to prepare their separation agreement where the subject matters would be the division of assets and debt, spousal support, child custody, child support, and many more.

But, it requires adequate time to prepare and negotiate the separation agreement. However, the time can even extend up to a year.

The term living apart does not always mean to be lived in a different residence. Even if a couple lives in the same house, they can file for a divorce. Below is a list of such situations that might be considered in this category.

  • Living in separate rooms
  • Having different social lives
  • Any of the spouses does not give the marriage a recognization
  • No marital relationship like sex

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help You?

A divorce lawyer is the one who solves other’s marital problems from the root. He understands the pain and suffering of the spouse that he/she receives during the marriage life.

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The Bottom Line

If the matter has already reached up to divorce, it is better to solve this issue with mutual discussion. This is because quarreling and fighting will have a negative impact on your children’s minds. And, of course, you will not want it.

However, from the above discussion, you have already known about the reasons for divorce in Canada. So, if you think you are also dealing with such difficulties in your life, contact your family lawyer as soon as possible and get the illegal solution.