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Who to Contact to Become a Paid Informant?

Who to Contact to Become a Paid Informant

Informant job in the police department or any other companies is very important as they help the inner circle to move based on their secret tips. An informant job is pretty high paid (according to a study, it is a minimum of $10,000 in every fiscal year) and extremely dangerous. In this sector, you work as a secret agent and fix up with the bad guys to pull out useful information. In some cases, the criminals become an informant to stay away from jail.
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Of course, the job is risky as you will be making enemies with drug dealers and other criminal gangs, but if you are in for the money, you are in the right place. To strengthen the sustainability of the force, this sector is very much appreciated and needed.

So, you can try your luck in this profession if you are the action junky type of person. There are some ways given below about who contact to become a paid informant-

Who to Contact to Become a paid informant?

As we have said before, the work is like spying so it can be governmental or non-governmental. But make insurance of your life because you are about to stake it into the rat race of underworld. There are three types of informants in general-

  • Crooks that want a better deal such as less prison time or full immunity by the police by selling of their partners in crime
  • Citizens who by chance got some news of crime around them and as a responsible person felt the urge to share that with the police
  • Paid informants from the beginning who are trained by the police or go undercover who are already in force. They are really in danger and have to go through some really tough times to blend into gangs. For example, how can we forget the character of Detective Pimento from the American TV series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Process 1: From criminal to informant

When police have arrested a person from a famous gang, they may have given the criminal freedom of immunity or dropped the charges on the condition to infiltrate the dangerous gang. By doing that the police can arrest the whole with evidence. But a criminal informant is not well trusted and well paid due to their background. There are always trust issues on both sides; that is why do not play double games, or you will manage to get yourself killed.

Process 2: Approached by FBI

Typically, the FBI informants are approached by FBI themselves by secretly judging the candidate’s lifestyles and works. But an Agent can also volunteer. In that case, they need to go throw rigorous pain and training sessions to prepare for the life of hardships. Honestly, it is not an easy job to deal with, and that is why the payment is high.

In this case, if you want to be approached, you must need to have a connection with the underworld. Then the Bureau will approach you and give you terms and conditions. If you agree with the terms, you will be given a handler who is an FBI agent, and you will work for him/ her.

Process 3: Voluntary Informant

If you have any information about any criminal activities and want to share that with the FBI, you may visit their website, and on the tip bar, you may leave your message. However, if you want to be a regular informant, you need to leave your tip with your personal information. If the FBI is satisfied with your service, they will contact you and negotiate the two party’s demands.

Process 4: Non- government informant

Without the interruption of police, there are other types of informants in other professions. Such as-

Working for Private Detectives

In many cases, many private detectives save some criminals from going to prison, and they work for them as gratitude. They also get but depends on the status of the detective’s status and financial situation.

Working against Big companies

In this case, the efforts are not related to solving crimes. Sometimes an informant is hired to work in a big company by the rival company to know any secret that may help them to tackle them in the share market. This job could be as risky as working for the police, but getting caught is less likely.

Career in DEA

DEA stands for The Drug Enforcement Administration, which is the top choice for entering into an informant’s job. They utilize the OPM’s (The Office of Personnel Management) staffing recruitment process to pave the way for opportunities among the freshers in this job.

The primary recruitment system is designed by the federal government to choose unique candidates. You can find the guidelines and circulars online to apply. Primarily, they will give you a questionnaire that you need to submit within selected times. After your submission, they will send their response to your address and your next step.

Requirements for the job

  • Citizenship of the specific country. For example, US citizenship.
  • Successfully passing a DEA drug test for illegal drugs
  • Passing background investigations such as medical tests, physical task assessment, Polygraph test, psychological assessment, etc
  • Passing the DEA Drug Questionnaire and Drug Use Statement
  • Aged more than 18 years old


It is often said about informants that “Snitches got stitches” which means if you are a spy, you are going to ER for at least once for severe injuries. Frankly saying, doing a spy job is no joke. There is no guarantee of anything, and if you are an undercover agent, you better appoint a therapist after finishing that job.

Otherwise, PTSD (Post Traumatic Disorder) will eat you from the inside. But in this job, you can make millions if you can suit yourself among the tension and violence. Do not just ask around to about who to contact to become a paid informant. Do your research, find good and trustable sources, and apply.