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Cohabitation Agreement: What and Why Do You Need to Know

Cohabitation Agreement What and Why Do You Need to Know

A cohabitation agreement is when two people choose to live together in a spousal relationship without a  legal agreement. You know that, love is unconditional, and we always tend to live with our loved ones, for which agreement of cohabitation is necessary. If you are wondering what is a cohabitation agreement? Then let me tell you.

There is much more to know about cohabitation agreements that we will discuss below in this article. Here we will provide defined information about what is cohabitation agreements and what are things you need to know about it.

What is Cohabitation?

Cohabitation is a procedure where two unmarried people in an intimate, consensual relationship are living in the same place together. Cohabitation totally depends upon the couple if they want to live together without marriage or even signing an agreement, need more info contact a lawyer now.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

A cohabitation agreement allows two people to get into an intimate relationship without being married. In a cohabitation agreement, the couple can establish emotional and financial security through the agreement by sharing and combining their assets.

However, in a marriage relationship, both partners get the right to the division of properties and spousal support. In the Cohabitation agreement, it is different because couples don’t get anything until they sign a contract for it. If you have any questions about how much does a cohabitation agreement cost? you may need to contact an experienced lawyer.

A cohabitation agreement is formed for couples who are in an intimate relationship and want to live together. When two person wants to live together without having an intimate relationship like friends, siblings, or colleagues, then they have to sign a roommate agreement.

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What are The Differences between Cohabitation and Marriage?

Cohabitation and marriage do have some similarities. Some similarities include the division of assets and debts, inheritance, and obligation for providing support. But there are many specific differences as well. These differences are,

  • You can enter into a cohabitation agreement with anyone and anytime because this does not have any formal requirements. Marriage, on the other hand, has a lot of formal requirements such as blood tests, licenses, age specification and waiting periods, etc.
  • You can easily end a cohabitation because it does not require any official notice. Depending upon your agreement, you can get separated easily without any process.
  • Cohabiting partners can divide their properties as they wish to while they are separating, but that also depends on the agreements they made. Couples who separate for divorce have to divide their properties according to the law of the state.
  • In a cohabitation, a partner cannot take decisions for a physically challenged, ill, or incompetent partner without the authority of a healthcare directive or a lawyer. However, a spouse can get the right after being married.
  • In cohabitation, when a child is born, the father does not get the right of paternity. The father has to go through a legal procedure like a blood test and a DNA test to establish paternity.

How is a Cohabitation Agreement Useful?

Cohabitation is made of the welfare of the relationship between two people. It is made to avoid conflict as much as possible at the time of separation. This agreement is made to make a relationship sustainable, and it is used to define:

Divide assets: Separate assets, properties, or items owned by one partner that they preserve their respective rights of ownership even after the separation between the partners.

Shared assets: Shared assets or assets co-owned by both partners will be distributed according to what is mentioned in the agreement.

Debt obligations: If the couple has joint loans, then both will have to take responsibility for it even after separation.

Child support: If the matter of child support is mentioned in the agreement, then a partner will have to pay financial support to the child or children from a previous relationship or current relationship. This is only applicable in the event of separation or if one partner is dead.

Financial Support: Financial support must be provided. If one partner is in need, then another partner can provide support depending on the agreement.

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For Whom The Cohabitation Agreement is Beneficial?

A cohabitation agreement is best for heterosexual or a couple of same-sex. A cohabitation agreement is designed to protect the relationship and avoid conflict in the event of separation. It is a common thing that a lot of problems occur when two partners are on the verge of being separated, but they have shared properties. An agreement can secure their shares and clear out the conflict.

When couples are looking for a long-term relationship but do not want to get married, they can get into a cohabitation agreement. When a couple wants to secure some of their properties, a cohabitation agreement can be beneficial.

There are beneficial factors, such as if you have shared debt with a partner and unfortunately your partner passes away, then you can disclaim the portion of dept of your partner.

Couples can also live together under the cohabitation agreement as a trial before getting into a permanent relationship.

Final Word

All relationships are sacred, and no one wants a sacred relationship to break. That’s why Cohabitation agreements are formed to make a relationship long-lasting.

Now that you know all the necessary information about the agreement of cohabitation, you can be a bit aware before getting into a relationship.

You can determine what to do and what to include in the agreement. If you are about to sign a legal agreement, make sure you contact your family lawyer for a better understanding. A cohabitation agreement in Saskatchewan can be a bit complicated at some point, but a lawyer can be a useful solution. Have a good day.